SAP manufactures black LDPE CAP (Cover & Plinth) covers meant for fumigation and storage of food grains. They are normally used where constructed storage capacity is absent or is inadequate. 

The procedure involves the food grain bags being stacked on plinths and being covered with our LDPE CAP Covers. The side seams of the covers are then heat sealed for strength. Funnels are provided as air vents. The bottom ends are then hemmed and are provided with eyelets for anchoring. The gaseous pesticides or fumigants are later added through the funnels. 

Thickness: 250 & 300 microns
Size: 32’x21’x17’
Standards: BIS 2508:2016


• High degree of retention of fumigants
• UV stabilized which increases shelf life
• Temperature resistant: easily withstand temperatures ranging from -2°C to + 50°C
• Having single seam at the side and this seam is thermally welded to provide added strength
• Excellent chemical resistance properties against most acids and alkalies
• Dimensionally stable under various climatic conditions 
• Excellent barrier characteristics that provides total protection against rain, dust, dew and storms
• Excellent durability due to strong welding work
• Can be put up at any place closer to the distribution or transportation points


• Storage of food grains
• Fumigation
• Covering of materials
• Temporary relief shelter
• Drying of agricultural products