Liners & Geomembranes

Shivalik Agro Poly Products Ltd. (SAP) manufactures high quality black polyethylene Liners and Geomembranes*, under the brand name of 'Shivathene'. These sheets are manufactured from virgin heavy-duty LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE granules and find extensive use in a variety of applications such as agriculture, irrigation, fisheries, civil construction works etc.

Standards: BIS 2508:2016

Thickness: 250 to 2000 microns


• UV stabilized with high quality carbon black master batch

• Excellent tensile and tear strength

• Dimensionally stable

• Tolerant to temperatures ranging from – 500C to 730C

• Non-toxic and inert

• Easy to handle & transport

• Resistant to moisture & liquids

• Does not become brittle with age

• Weather resistant

• Does not degrade


• Lining water reservoirs and tanks

• Landfill lining and capping

• Lining irrigation canals, distributaries and channels

• Mining

• Highways, dams & lake banks

• Aquaculture

• Ash dyke

• Salt Pans