Turnkey Solutions

Shivalik Agro Poly Products Ltd. offers turnkey solutions for the following:

LDPE & HDPE Liners/Geomembranes

SAP is involved in supplying, sealing and installation of LDPE and HDPE liners/geomembranes of all thickness, directly at work sites. These work sites include ponds, reservoirs, lagoons, lakes, effluent treatment tanks, landfills, ash dyke etc. Jointing and sealing of the liners/geomembranes is achieved through use of state-of-the-art heat-sealing equipment. We also provide technical supervision over installation in case our clients prefer to use their own equipment and manpower.

From choice of film, thickness required to use of different polymer blends as well as their proportions, we provide products that our tailor made to our customers' requirements. In addition to the liners and geomembranes, we also provide consultancy services for our other products, chiefly LDPE films, tarpaulins and CAP covers. 

Polyurethane Coatings/Paints

SAP is actively involved in promoting the use of PU coatings/paints used for waterproofing and insulation purposes. Work is undertaken to provide waterproofing of civil structures, insulation of piping and applying PU paints/coatings for varied applications. We manufacture different grades of our paints/coatings to meet customers' requirements.

Road Marking Materials

SAP undertakes work for application of thermoplastic and thermosetting road marking materials on national and state / municipal roads. These road marking materials are available as reflective and non-reflective and in colors of white and yellow. These road marking materials are used to demarcate traffic lanes, bus lanes, pedestrian crossings, parking slots etc. They are applied through manual screeds or motorized marking machines that are available with the company.