Thermosetting Road Marking Materials

*Thermosetting road marking materials include Shivapol 1101 and Shivapol 1102. While Shivapol 1101 is meant as a retroreflective marking, Shivapol 1102 is non-reflective in nature. They are available in colors of white and yellow. 

Both the above-mentioned road marking materials give best results when applied on a primed surface. It is for this reason that SAP manufactures Shivaprime, a road marking clear primer. It provides better adhesion between the road marking material and road surface.


Shivapol 1101, 1102 and Shivaprime exhibit the following properties:

• Air drying, which is a very fast process
• Excellent adhesion and bonding properties
• Easy application  
• Economical to use  


Shivapol 1101 and 1102can be used on a variety of surfaces such as bitumen, reinforced concrete and cement. They find application as traffic paints and are used for marking traffic lanes, parking areas etc. 
Shivaprime is used as the primer before applying either Shivapol 1101 or 1102.

*A thermosetting resin, also known as a thermoset is a material that irreversibly cures. The cure is induced through heat application at temperatures of above 200°C. The material is usually molded into its final form before being cured.