Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials

Crystalex is a specifically formulated high quality reflective thermoplastic* road marking material.

Specifications- BS: 3262 and MORTH: 803.4
Colors- White Reflective and Yellow Reflective


• Fast drying

• Imparts a glossy finish to the applied surface

• Imparts skid resistance properties to the applied surface

• Has thickness control and a longer life than conventional road marking materials such as liquid paint

• Delivers high performance and is cost-effective


Crystalex is used as a hot melt resin for marking of roads. It is applied on the road surfaces with the help of thermoplastic screed application prams, motorized marking machines etc.
It is ideal for cemented or reinforced concrete roads (e.g. highways), bituminous surfaces etc.

*A thermoplastic or thermosoftening plastic is a polymer, which becomes pliable or moldable above a specific temperature and then returns to its solid state upon cooling, which in most cases meansa return to the ambient temperature.