Shrink Films

SAP manufactures LDPE shrink wrap film used for packing a variety of consumer and industrial products. The process involves wrapping the shrink film around the desired product and then applying heat, which causes the film to shrink tightly over the product. 

Standards:  BIS 2508:2016
Thickness: 30 to 150 microns


• Saves additional storage
• Protects from humidity, dust and dirt
• Perfect for multi-packs, which offers value & cost savings to both the packagers and consumers
• Allows for storage in the refrigerator
• Products packaged in shrink film are tamper proof


• Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals.
• Paper Products & Stationery Items.
• Soaps and Detergents.
• Food Products.
• Engineering Goods.
• Household Disinfectants

Shrink film is available in the form of layflat tubing as well as single width film. Different width films can be manufactured to meet individual customer requirements.