Polyurethane sealants are highly flexible and non-shrinking, making them perfect for use in road joints, building joints as well as for filling the gaps between metallic sheets. We manufacture 2 types of polyurethane joint sealants, Shivabond 505G and Shivacol 1103.

Shivabond 505G

Shivabond 505G is a specifically formulated two component joint sealant, which is used for grouting, filling the expansion and contraction joints etc. It is considered superior to other conventionally used systems.


• Roomtemperature curing

• Good moldability

• Good curing properties

• Very low shrinkage

• Low exothermic temperature

• Post curing minimized

• Excellent mechanical properties

• Excellent electrical properties

• Low coefficient of expansion

• Inherent resiliency


• Grouting

• Filling of expansion and contraction joints.

• Electrical flooring at sub-station.

• Industrial flooring.

• Bridge bearing pads

• Maintenance of airfields

Shivacol 1103


Shivacol 1103 is a specifically formulated single component PU joint sealant which is used in construction of roads, buildings and other metallic and non-metallic surfaces.