Rigid Polyurethane Foams

We manufacture 4 types of polyols that can be used to produce different types of rigid polyurethane foam. Each of these 4 polyols when mixed in the prescribed ratio with the hardener (also provided by us) yields the desired rigid polyurethane foam.

The 2-component chemical setup provided by us, includes the polyol (a gradient of Shivapol) and the hardener (a gradient of Shivanate, usually Shivanate 001).

The different types of rigid polyurethane foams as well the chemical setups required for making them, are mentioned below:

Rigid PU Foam for Insulation

Shivapol 101is a formulated polyol premixed with blowing agent, which when mixed in the prescribed ratio with Shivanate 001 (hardener) produces rigid polyurethane foam. This rigid polyurethane foam is used for thermal and acoustic insulation purposes.


The rigid polyurethane foam produced by using our chemical setup, has the following properties:

· Very low thermal conductivity

· High closed cell content

· Excellent dimensional stability

· Low water vapor transmission rate

· Wide operating temperature range


The rigid PU foam produced by mixing Shivapol 101 & Shivanate 001 is used for:

· Manufacturing sandwich panels used in housing, office partitioning, deep freezers, auditoriums, indoor stadiums, high altitude prefabricated modular houses etc.

· Manufacturing pipe sections

· In situ pouring of material used for insulating pipes, chemical storage tanks, breweries & ammonia storage tanks.

· Production of lightweight cooling tower baffles

Sprayed Rigid PU Foam

Shivapol 107 and Shivapol 115 are formulated polyols premixed with blowing agent, used for producing sprayed rigid polyurethane foam. The resultant foam is quick drying and is used for thermal/acoustic insulation.

Rigid PU Foam with spray application is produced by mixing either Shivapol 107 or Shivapol 115 in the prescribed ratio with Shivanate 001 (hardener). Both the polyols have very fast cream, rise and tack free times and as a result of these features, the flowing or sagging is minimum.


Sprayed rigid polyurethane foam has the following properties:

· High Closed Cell Content

· Uniform fine cell structure

· Good adhesion properties even when used at low temperature

· Low friability &excellent dimensional stability

· Low Water Vapor Transmission Rate

· Wide Operating Temperature Range


Sprayed rigid polyurethane foam is used to provide thermal and acoustic insulation on walls, roves, false ceilings, hut, cabins, etc.