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Shivalik Agro Poly Products Ltd. (SAP) is engaged in manufacturing and supplying a variety of polyethylene films, sheets and geomembranes/liners. We provide high quality LDPE films, tarpaulins, cap covers and geomembranes as well as HDPE geomembranes or liners. We also manufacture co-extruded multilayer films chiefly- milk packaging, shrink and silage films. 

SAP is involved in producing polyols and PU Systems for the polyurethane industries, chiefly used for manufacturing foams, paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants etc. We also manufacture and supple thermoplastic and thermosetting road marking materials.

LDPE Films
Shivalik Agro Poly Products Ltd. (SAP) manufactures wide width low-density polyethylene film (LDPE) under the brand name of 'Shivathene'. These LDPE films find extensive use in industries such as agriculture, water management, packaging, construction, defense etc. 

Range: 100 microns (400 gauge/0.1 mm) to 2000 microns (8000 gauge/2.0 mm)
Standards: BIS 2508:1984
Colors: Available in black and natural colors

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LDPE Tarpaulins
SAP manufactures black LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) tarpaulins meant for multi-utility storage. These tarpaulins are used for covering various types of materials in both indoor and outdoor settings. They are used for covering materials where the constructed storage capacity is inadequate or is unavailable. 

Black LDPE Tarpaulins are normally used for covering agricultural produce, industrial products and are also used in transportation. 

Thickness: 250 to 400 microns
Standards: BIS 2508:1984
Size: 40'x30'

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SAP manufactures black LDPE CAP (Cover & Plinth) covers meant for fumigation and storage of food grains. They are normally used where constructed storage capacity is absent or is inadequate. 

The procedure involves the food grain bags being stacked on plinths and being covered with our LDPE CAP Covers. The side seams of the covers are then heat sealed for strength. Funnels are provided as air vents. The bottom ends are then hemmed and are provided with eyelets for anchoring. The gaseous pesticides or fumigants are later added through the funnels. 

Thickness: 250 & 300 microns
Size: 32’x21’x17’
Standards: BIS 2508:1984

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Liners & Geomembranes

Shivalik Agro Poly Products Ltd. (SAP) manufactures high quality black polyethylene Liners and Geomembranes*, under the brand name of 'Shivathene'. These sheets are manufactured from virgin heavy-duty LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE granules and find extensive use in a variety of applications such as agriculture, irrigation, fisheries, civil construction works etc.

Standards: BIS 2508:1984 (For LDPE)

                    ASTMD (For HDPE)

Thickness:   250 to 2000 microns

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Multilayer Films
Energy MetersShivalik Agro Poly Products Ltd. (SAP) manufactures high quality, co-extruded multilayer polyethylene films, under the brand name of 'Shivathene'. Through the process of co-extrusion, a maximum of three layers can be made into a single film. 

The manufacturing process is based on up-to-date three extruder technology, which gives highly improved, amalgamated, plasticized and homogenous superior quality films. The process leads to excellent color dispersion in the final product. 

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Polyols & Polyurethanes
Shivalik Agro Poly Products Ltd. (SAP) through its division 'Shivathene Linopack' manufactures polyols and PU Systems for the polyurethane industries. 

We provide different grades of polyols used for manufacturing adhesives, sealants, waterproofing paints/coatings, sound-insulation coatings/paints, floor-topping compounds etc. Our PU (Polyurethane) Systems are essentially chemical setups of 2 or more chemicals used for manufacturing rigid foams, cold cure flexible foams, integral skin foams, microcellular foams etc. 

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Road Marking Materials
Shivalik  Prismo India Private Limited, a company in which all the directors are interested  as directors of Shivalik Agro Poly Products Limited manufactures thermoplastic and thermosetting road marking materials.  These are extensively used as traffic paints and are used for marking traffic lanes, parking areas etc.

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