Milk Packaging Films

SAP manufactures co-extruded three layered LDPE films. These films find extensive use in the packaging industries and are used for packing dairy, sugar, processed foods, detergents, pharmaceuticals etc.

These films are available pigmented & un-pigmented as well as printed & unprinted. Each of the three layers can have different polymers added to it, in order to meet the individual requirements of the customer. 

Standards: BIS 2508:2016
Thickness: 40 to 150 microns
Width: Up to 2 meters
Color: White/Natural/Colored


1.Dairy: Liquid milk packaging

2.Sugar: Liner bags for packing sugar

3.Pharmaceuticals: Liners/bags/pouches for in-house use and packing of bulk drugs

4.Processed food: Liners/bags/pouches for packing of food products

5.Detergents: Pouches/bags for packing detergents