Integral Skin Foams

We manufacture Shivapol 211 and Shivanate 003, the chemical setup required for the production of integral skin foam. Shivapol 211 is a formulated polyol premixed with blowing agent (can also be provided without blowing agent), while Shivanate 003 serves as the hardener.

Integral skin foam is produced by the in situ reaction of Shivapol 211 with Shivanate 003 inside the mould. A 2-3 mm thick integral skin gets developed on the foam.


Integral Skin Foamhas the following properties:

• Fine cell foam structure

• No migration

• No plasticizing effects

• Low smoke gas corrosivity in the case of fire

• No influence on mechanical properties



Integral skin foam is used in:

• Automotive industries for manufacturing steering wheels, gear knobs, bicycle saddles, arm rests, baby seats etc.

• Furniture industry for making arm rests, seats etc.

We can manufacture different grades of Shivapol 211 and Shivanate 003 to meet individual customer requirements