We manufacture three major types of adhesives, namely polyvinyl acetate (PVA) based adhesives, polyurethane (PU) based adhesives and synthetic resin based adhesives. These are used for bonding metallic surfaces, non-metallic surfaces and metallic with non-metallic surfaces. Our adhesives find widespread use in the production of automotive filters, industrial air filters, oil filters, furniture pieces etc.

Different grades of these adhesives can be manufactured to meet individual customer requirements.

PVA Based Adhesives

Polyvinyl acetate based adhesives are milky white viscous adhesives and are ready to use. We manufacture 3 types of PVA adhesives- Shivacol 1001, Shivacol 1002, Shivacol 1003. Each of these can be thinned to required viscosity by adding clean water, although adding more than 2% water is not recommended.

General Properties

• Excellent bonding properties
• Excellent physico - mechanical properties
• Solvent free, hence no risk of fire hazards
• Free from offensive smell
• Shifting and alignment of surfaces is possible after bringing surfaces in contact (preferably within 5 - 7 Min.)
• Best flow and spreadability, hence it can give higher coverage
• Heat resistant in normal cases
• Can be applied by brush, roller and spreader or by finger wherever required


• Shivacol 1001 in extensively used in furniture industries. It is used for bonding laminate ply wood, veneer, particle boards, block boards, rubber boards and woods such as shisham, silverwood etc.
• Shivacol 1002 is widely used for manufacturing automotive filters.
• Shivacol 1003 is used in shoe industries, for bonding shoe soles.

PU Based Adhesives

Polyurethane based adhesives are used for bonding different materials and as such are used in the production of oil filters, air filters etc. We manufacture 4 types of polyurethane adhesives, namely:

Shivapol 214 is a PU based filled adhesive used for producing oil and air filters that find extensive use in the     automotive industries. It has excellent bonding properties. Due to the fact that it cures at room temperature, it is quite easy to use.
In addition to the oil and air filters used in automobiles, Shivapol 214 is also used to produce other types of industrial filters.

Shivabond 509 is PU based filled adhesive used for the production of air filters that find extensive use in the automotive industries.

Shivacol 1005 is specifically formulated, two component, polyurethane based adhesive used for shoe sole attachment purposes. It is used for bonding the leather or synthetic upper materials with the shoe soles, which might be of PVC, PUR, TPR, composite rubber or thermoplastic nature. The bonding is through heat activation.

Shivabond 1122 is a single component PU based moisture cure adhesive. It is specifically formulated for bonding of metallic and wooden surfaces. It can be used for bonding of metallic panels with honeycomb paper; as an adhesive for windows, doors and wooden panels; as an adhesive for mineral wool, ceramic materials, concrete materials and foams.


Synthetic Resin Based Adhesives
We manufacture two types of synthetic resin based adhesives, namely Shivabond 1123 and Shivabond 1125.

Shivabond 1123
Shivabond 1123 is a specifically formulated, single component synthetic rubber based adhesive. It is solvent based.

It is normally used for bonding wood and PVC surfaces. Although, it can also be used for bonding metallic panels, PU foam sheets and materials like mineral wool, clothe, Rexene etc.

Shivabond 1125
Shivabond 1125 is a specifically formulated, single component synthetic resin based adhesive used for bonding metal with paper and other substrates.

It is normally used for manufacturing automotive filters, where it is used to form bond seals.